Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Dixie Life

Well I did it!  I got a job at Dixie State University.  Since living here in St. George, I have always secretly and not so secretly wanted to work on campus.  I love the College Campus Atmosphere.  I also love living a mile away from the University.  Granted, nothing will ever compare to my love of being at BYU Idaho, but Dixie State University is a pretty good second place!  
For the last three years, I have regularly checked Dixie to see what jobs were available, applying for many and never getting so much as a call for an interview.  After leaving my job at Ence Homes, I went full force in trying to get on at Dixie.  I applied for 2-3 jobs a day at the University.  About a month into trying, I finally got a call for a part time job as an Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs.  

The interview process was very relaxed and the Manager hiring, Ginger, made me feel right in place.  After a couple of hours of interviewing, I was offered the job!  I was ecstatic!  I finally got my foot in the door, leading to many future opportunities!    

I have been working here for a little over a month and I love it.  This job is just what I have been needing.  The work atmosphere is very lively.  I'm doing something different everyday.  I love my boss and advisor, they are so kind and I thoroughly enjoy working for them.  And the main reason, I will be able to really grow here.  This University offers so many different opportunities for their employees and I'm looking forward to them!

love, hannah jane... and Go TrailBlazers!

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