Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy Birthday Rim2Rim Adventure

To celebrate my 27th Birthday this year, I got together my group of girls from my 2nd season of Jacob Lake and asked them to hike Rim2Rim with me through the Grand Canyon!

It was my 4th time hiking!  Most definitely one of my favorite times and most challenging times!
But the Canyon was beautiful as ever and it was great to be back!

Thanks for Jenna, Brittany, Kristen, and Natasha for hiking!  Loved all the great conversations and catching up we did!

Thank you Serene for making the drive out with your pregnant belly to support us! and Thank you to Rachel (BooBoo) for cheering us on in Spirit!  You'll come next time for sure!

Thanks  to Zach (Kristen's hubby) and James (Natasha's friend) for hiking with us ladies!

A GIGANT Thank you Kelly (Jenna's hubby) for dropping us off and picking us up on the South Rim.

And of course!  So thankful to my husband who is always supportive in all I do and has always been my biggest cheer leader!!  Love you!

 Next get together... no hiking!  Let's go Cruising!!

 Love, a very sore Hannah Jane

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