Thursday, July 6, 2017

America the Beautiful

Independence Day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I love summer time, rodeos, parades, swimming, BBQ cook outs, wearing color coordinated outfits matching our Patriotic Colors, and America!  Conveniently, Hailame proposed to me on Independence Day giving me yet another reason to enjoy this beautiful holiday.

This year, we had the opportunity to take Veeyah, Hailame's oldest sister, along with his Dad, youngest brother Tupou and nephew Renzo to Jacob Lake Inn and the Grand Canyon to celebrate the holiday.

Hailame and I are frequently reminded how fortunate we are to be living in beautiful Southern Utah every time we have family and friends in town.  We love seeing their reactions when they see the Grand Canyon and beautiful Kaibab Forest.  I know for me, working their through college, I went to there regularly and I always loved seeing it, but it's a different appreciation when new eyes see it's extravagant beauty!

After getting Veeyah loaded up with Jacob Lake's famous cookies, we headed home the scenic way, through beautiful Zion's National park.  We had a rare occurrence in having a practically empty park and it was a easy going drive through.  Zion's National Park is always jam packed and it's a headache driving through, but thankfully this time we got to take our time and really enjoy the views.

We ended our evening at the St. George's First Carnival.  They had about 7 different rides and of course they were crazy expensive, so Hailame and I just enjoyed a nice stroll around and I enjoyed myself a Caramel Apple for $1.00 because they were trying to get ride of them before closing!  Fireworks were going off all over town and we loved watching them.

It was a wonderfully exhausting day!  Waking up for work the next day was really a struggle but we enjoyed having family in town to celebrate our Country!  

Love, Hannah Jane

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