Friday, February 24, 2017

Ladies Night: A Novel Idea

Ever since I could remember, my Mother was apart of a Book Club, she's been in one for over 10-15 years and I thought when I'm older and more adulty I'm going to be in a book club! 

I don't know if I'm adulty enough to be in a book club because when I was little the ladies in my Mother's group looked really adulty! But being in a Book Club has been on a Bucket List in my head for the longest time and I wanted something to push me to read more and maybe when you join a Book Club the adultiness just comes with it. 

So I put together a group of girls from work and church, inviting them to join my facebook group called, "Ladies Night: A Novel Idea."  Thank you Google for helping me with the title!  

I decided I would be the first to choose a book for the group to read and I choose a book I've been wanting to read for some time, My Story by Elizabeth Smart.

  Growing up in Salt Lake, I remember hearing about her kidnapping all over the news through the 9 months she was held captive, all the way to the day she was found.  I was even able to go to two of the court hearings years after she was found, and was in the court room the day her kidnapper was sentenced to jail for life.  It was a awesome experience to see the relief on her and her family's faces when they finally received their justice.  

I really enjoyed reading this book.  We obviously knew the outcome of the story, but learning about what she went through was very eye opening, seeing how far she has come and the strength she had.  She shared tender mercies and little miracles along the way that helped her keep going and pushed her to survive.  

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I really appreciated that she shared her testimony of the Gospel, and the strength she received from knowing she was being watched over.  

It was an awesome first book club night, with Yogurt Fruit Parfaits for dessert!  

Looking forward to next months Ladies Night!

Love, hannah jane


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