Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pattern Making Final!

At the beginning of this semester... no... way before this semester started I was stressing and fearing to take Pattern Making.  I had heard so many horro stories about the class and how hard it is.  So I told myself I would not take it because it was my last semester and I didn't want to deal with that.
Well taking this class was one of the best decisions ever!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE CLASS!!!! 

I have learned that I can look at a picture of a dress and create a pattern from scratch and then create it!  I also learned that I'm not as bad at sewing that I thought I was.  I've always wanted my mother by my side helping me with every step... and I've noticed that when she is the room, I turn back to "I'm afraid of the sewing machine and I can't sew anymore" and I want her to help me with everything!  :)  Well my mother wasn't at college with me and I couldn't take her to class with me.  But I realized that I'm a pretty good sewer.  I mean come on!  I created this dress all by myself!!

I did this dress in half scale and I wish I would have done it in full scale so I could have a new dress.  I think I'll be doing it this Winter after I come home from the Grand Canyon!

One more day of school left!

Happy Finals Week!!!  Living it up!!

love, hannah jane

p.s.  Pattern Making is fun!!  Disney could have taught me that long ago!

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